10.66. Yaboot-1.3.17

The Yaboot package contains a PowerPC Boot Loader for machines using Open Firmware such as NewWorld Macintoshes.

10.66.1. Installation of Yaboot

The following patch adds stub functions for newer e2fsprogs releases.

patch -Np1 -i ../yaboot-1.3.17-stubfuncs-1.patch

The supplied man pages have /usr/local in the text. This sed will correct that:

sed -i 's%/usr/local%/usr%' man/*

Prevent the build from failing due to warnings with the following sed:

sed -i 's%-Werror%%' Makefile

Compile the package:

make PREFIX=/usr

Install the package:

make PREFIX=/usr install

10.66.2. Contents of Yaboot

Installed programs: addnote, mkofboot (link to ybin), ofboot, ofpath, yaboot, yabootconfig, ybin
Installed files: yaboot.conf

Short Descriptions


For IBM CHRP machines, add a PT_NOTE program header entry to an elf file so that it can be booted.


Format the bootstrap partition and install the yaboot boot loader.


Script to format the boot menu using yaboot.conf and write the resulting Open Firmware code to the bootstrap.


Determine Open Firmware path corresponding to a device node.


Open Firmware boot loader.


Generate and install a simple yaboot.conf.


Shell script to update or install the boot loader on a bootstrap partition.


Configuration file used by ybin to determine how to install yaboot on the bootstrap partition.