6.9. Binutils-2.23.2

The Binutils package contains a linker, an assembler, and other tools for handling object files.

6.9.1. Installation of Binutils

Apply the following sed for hosts using Texinfo-5.x:

sed -i -e 's/@colophon/@@colophon/' \
       -e 's/doc@cygnus.com/doc@@cygnus.com/' bfd/doc/bfd.texinfo

The Binutils documentation recommends building Binutils outside of the source directory in a dedicated build directory:

mkdir -v ../binutils-build
cd ../binutils-build

Prepare Binutils for compilation:

CC="${CC} ${BUILD64}" ../binutils-2.23.2/configure \
    --prefix=/tools --build=${CLFS_HOST} --host=${CLFS_TARGET} \
    --target=${CLFS_TARGET} --with-lib-path=/tools/lib --disable-nls \
    --enable-shared --enable-64-bit-bfd --disable-multilib

The meaning of the new configure options:

CC="${CC} ${BUILD64}"

Tells the compiler to use our 64-bit build flags.

Compile the package:

make configure-host

Install the package:

make install

Details on this package are located in Section 10.15.2, “Contents of Binutils.”