7.8. Eudev-1.7

The Eudev package contains programs for dynamic creation of device nodes.

7.8.1. Installation of Eudev

Prepare Eudev for compilation:

./configure --prefix=/tools --build=${CLFS_HOST} --host=${CLFS_TARGET} \
    --disable-introspection --disable-gtk-doc-html \
    --disable-gudev --disable-keymap --with-firmware-path=/tools/lib/firmware \

The meaning of the new configure options:

--disable-introspection --disable-gtk-doc-html --disable-gudev --disable-keymap

These switches disable several features which are not needed for the temporary system and have additional dependencies.


This allows Eudev to load firmware from /tools/lib/firmware instead of the default location of /lib/firmware.


Allows Eudev to load modules by using libkmod directly.

Compile the package:


Install the package:

make install

Create a directory for storing firmware that can be loaded by udev:

install -dv /tools/lib/firmware

Create a dummy rule so that Eudev will name ethernet devices properly for the system.

echo "# dummy, so that network is once again on eth*" > \

7.8.2. Contents of Eudev

Installed programs: ata_id, cdrom_id, collect, create_floppy_devices, edd_id, firmware.sh, fstab_import, path_id, scsi_id, udevadm, udevd, usb_id, v4l_id, write_cd_rules, write_net_rules
Installed library: libudev
Installed directories: /tools/etc/udev, /tools/lib/firmware, /tools/lib/udev

Short Descriptions


Controls the runtime behavior of Eudev, requests kernel events, manages the event queue, and provides simple debugging.


A daemon that reorders hotplug events before submitting them to udev, thus avoiding various race conditions


Provides Eudev with a unique string and additional information (uuid, label) for an ATA drive


Prints the capabilities of a CDROM or DVDROM drive.


Given an ID for the current uevent and a list of IDs (for all target uevents), registers the current ID and indicates whether all target IDs have been registered.


Creates all possible floppy devices based on the CMOS type


Identifies x86 disk drives from Enhanced Disk Drive calls


Script to load firmware for a device


Finds an entry in /etc/fstab that matches the current device, and provides its information to Udev.


Provides the shortest possible unique hardware path to a device


Retrieves or generates a unique SCSI identifier.


Identifies a USB block device.


Determines V4L capabilities for a given device.


A script which generates Eudev rules to provide stable names for network interfaces.


A script which generates Eudev rules to provide stable names for network interfaces.


A library interface to eudev device information.


Contains udev configuration files, device permissions, and rules for device naming


Contains udev helper programs and static devices which get copied to /dev when booted.