3.4. Needed Patches

In addition to the packages, several patches are also required. These patches correct any mistakes in the packages that should be fixed by the maintainer. The patches also make small modifications to make the packages easier to work with. The following patches will be needed to build a CLFS system:

Bash Branch Update Patch - 129 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/3.0.0/SYSTEMD/bash-4.3-branch_update-5.patch

MD5 sum: 712a693471a88bcece45fa566f8b6c57

Coreutils Uname Patch - 4.9 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/3.0.0/SYSTEMD/coreutils-8.22-uname-1.patch

MD5 sum: 6eeba217c88ec83b807e305e594fe13d

Coreutils Noman Patch - 14 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/3.0.0/SYSTEMD/coreutils-8.22-noman-1.patch

MD5 sum: 6ed8f515391580e51f170a32af6fc7b9

GCC Branch Update Patch - 3.5 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/3.0.0/SYSTEMD/gcc-4.8.3-branch_update-1.patch

MD5 sum: ba8abbb0696f8e0d75eb26ae7c9ad219

Iana-Etc Protocol and Port Numbers Update - 282 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/3.0.0/SYSTEMD/iana-etc-2.30-numbers_update-20140202-2.patch.xz

MD5 sum: b0e7051fef0b3ba064209a5f3d23bd2a

IPUtils Fixes Patch - 158 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/3.0.0/SYSTEMD/iputils-s20121221-fixes-2.patch

MD5 sum: c2344acdd81607685886f617da7d66e0

Linux Sublevel Patch - 511 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/3.0.0/SYSTEMD/patch-3.14.21.xz

MD5 sum: 25debf3b5652cdd94df176cd4e36a9ed

MPFR Fixes Patch - 55 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/3.0.0/SYSTEMD/mpfr-3.1.2-fixes-4.patch

MD5 sum: b6c1c0dcbf7661298037eeb346a8669c

Ncurses Bash Patch - .743 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/3.0.0/SYSTEMD/ncurses-5.9-bash_fix-1.patch

MD5 sum: c6f7f2ab0ebaf7721ebeb266641352db

Ncurses Branch Update Patch - 2,492 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/3.0.0/SYSTEMD/ncurses-5.9-branch_update-4.patch

MD5 sum: c2b2dc2d31b02c218359e6218f12a72c

Readline Branch Update - 5.733 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/3.0.0/SYSTEMD/readline-6.3-branch_update-4.patch

MD5 sum: bb8d37fd00abc74a81563ebfcf64af4c

Systemd Compat Patch - 7.863 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/3.0.0/SYSTEMD/systemd-213-compat-1.patch

MD5 sum: 2a5816fdfc8bd2376a40c382004ad1ac

Sysvinit Tools Updates Patch - 2.339 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/3.0.0/SYSTEMD/sysvinit-2.88dsf-tools_updates-1.patch

MD5 sum: c3f6981c46868b68bfd58921570ea51f

Tar Man Page Patch - 7.924 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/3.0.0/SYSTEMD/tar-1.27.1-manpage-1.patch

MD5 sum: 68c86c67e67a5c074872a293818f361d

Vim Branch Update Patch - 3,547 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/3.0.0/SYSTEMD/vim-7.4-branch_update-7.patch

MD5 sum: 3c250be2ca0cf3e539a8f18c46c36eac

Total size of these patches: about 7 MB

In addition to the above required patches, there exist a number of optional patches created by the CLFS community. These optional patches solve minor problems or enable functionality that is not enabled by default. Feel free to peruse the patches database located at http://patches.cross-lfs.org/3.0.0/SYSTEMD/ and acquire any additional patches to suit the system needs.