13.3. Making the CLFS System Bootable via Arcload



This bootloader is for the MIPS based SGI Workstations and Servers.

Earlier, we compiled and installed the Arcload boot loader software in preparation for this step. Now we will configure our system to boot using Arcload. Here is a simple arc.cf to use.

cat > /boot/arc.cf << "EOF"
append  "root=/dev/sda3";
append  "console=ttyS0,9600";

  3.14.21 {
    description  "3.14.21";
    image system "/3.14.21";

  debug {
    description  "Debug Shell";
    append "init=/bin/bash";

Now we use dvhtool to make the system bootable:

dvhtool --unix-to-vh /usr/lib/arcload/sash sash
dvhtool --unix-to-vh /boot/arc.cf arc.cf
dvhtool --unix-to-vh /boot/3.14.21 3.14.21