10.67. Arcload-0.5

The Arcload package contains a SGI Bootloader.

10.67.1. Installation of Arcload



This program is the Arcload bootloader, which is for SGI Workstations and SGI Servers based on MIPS Processors.

Compile the package:

make MODE=M32 clean
make CC="gcc" LD="ld" MODE=M32

Install the package:

install -dv /usr/lib/arcload
cp -v arcload.ecoff /usr/lib/arcload/sash

10.67.2. Contents of Arcload

Installed programs: sashARCS or sash64

Short Descriptions


Is a bootloader for IP22/IP32 MIPS systems, which are 32 Bit.


Is a bootloader for IP27/IP28/IP30 MIPS systems, which are 64 Bit.