9.2. Tcl-8.6.1

The Tcl package contains the Tool Command Language.

9.2.1. Installation of Tcl

Increase memory size for regular expressions where required.

sed -i s/500/5000/ generic/regc_nfa.c

Prepare Tcl for compilation:

cd unix
./configure --prefix=/tools

Build the package:


Install the package:

make install

Tcl's private header files are needed for the next package, Expect. Install them into /tools:

make install-private-headers

Now make a necessary symbolic link:

ln -sv tclsh8.6 /tools/bin/tclsh

9.2.2. Contents of Tcl

Installed programs: tclsh (link to tclsh8.6) and tclsh8.6
Installed libraries: libtcl8.6.so, libtclstub8.6.a

Short Descriptions


The Tcl command shell


A link to tclsh8.6


The Tcl library


The Tcl Stub library