10.65. Colo-1.22

The Colo package contains the Cobalt Boot Loader.

10.65.1. Installation of Colo



This bootloader is for the MIPS based cobalt servers RaQ, RaQ2, Qube, or the Qube2.

This patch updates the Colo bootloader to build under 64 bit:

patch -Np1 -i ../colo-1.22-make_fix-1.patch

This patch fixes a relocation error when linking with Binutils:

patch -Np1 -i ../colo-1.22-relocation_fix-1.patch

Disable -Werror in one of the Makefiles to prevent a compile failure:

sed -i '/^CFLAGS/s/-Werror //' stage2/Makefile

Compile the Colo package:

make binary
make CC="gcc ${BUILD64}" tooldirs

Install the package:

install -dv  /usr/lib/colo/examples
install -v chain/colo-chain.elf /usr/lib/colo
install -v tools/lcdtools/e2fsck-lcd/e2fsck-lcd /sbin
install -v tools/lcdtools/e2fsck-lcd/e2fsck-lcd.8 /usr/man/man8
install -v tools/lcdtools/paneld/paneld /sbin
install -v tools/lcdtools/paneld/paneld.8 /usr/man/man8
install -v tools/lcdtools/putlcd/putlcd /sbin
install -v tools/lcdtools/putlcd/putlcd.8 /usr/man/man8
install -v examples/menu.colo /usr/lib/colo/examples
install -v examples/simple.colo /usr/lib/colo/examples
cp -v chain/colo-chain.elf /boot/vmlinux
gzip -9 /boot/vmlinux

10.65.2. Contents of Colo

Installed programs: colo-chain.elf, e2fsck-lcd, paneld and putlcd

Short Descriptions


Is the Cobalt Bootloader's chain mode executeable. This file gets gzipped and renamed to vmlinux.gz, so it can be booted automatically by the Cobalt's existing firmware


Will output file system check progress information on the Cobalt LCD


Is an admin tool for the LCD panel of Cobalt machines. By default, it will display the current time and optionally a message. When you hold the enter or select button for a couple of seconds you will get an admin menu. The menu will allow you to either halt or reboot your Cobalt machine


Is a tool to display text on the LCD display of Cobalt machines


Will output the MD5 checksum of a Cobalt's ROM