5.7. GMP-6.0.0

GMP is a library for arithmetic on arbitrary precision integers, rational numbers, and floating-point numbers.

5.7.1. Installation of GMP

This package and the next two - MPFR and MPC - will be installed into /cross-tools because GCC requires them to build.



If you are building with a host which has 32-bit user-space with a 64-bit capable CPU, cross-tools GMP will attempt to link with 64-bit libraries. Add the following variable during configure to force GMP's ABI: ./configure ABI=32

Prepare GMP for compilation:

./configure --prefix=/cross-tools --enable-cxx \

The meaning of the new configure option:


This tells GMP to enable C++ support.

Compile the package:


Install the package:

make install

Details on this package are located in Section 10.14.2, “Contents of GMP.”