10.99. Kmod-18 32 Bit Libraries

The Kmod package contains programs for loading, inserting and removing kernel modules for Linux. Kmod replaces the Module-Init-tools package.

10.99.1. Installation of Kmod

Prepare Kmod for compilation:

  ./configure --prefix=/usr \
    --bindir=/bin --sysconfdir=/etc \
    --with-rootlibdir=/lib --libdir=/usr/lib \
    --with-zlib --with-xz

The meaning of the configure option:


Install location for shared libraries.

--with-zlib --with-xz

This allows the Kmod package to handle zlib and XZ compressed kernel modules.

Compile the package:


To test the results, issue:

make check

Install the package:

make install

Details on this package are located in Section 10.101.2, “Contents of Kmod.”