10.94. Powerpc-Utils_1.1.3

The Powerpc-Utils package contains a number of utilities for Power Macintoshes and other similar machines. Most of these utilities are now obsolete, but nvsetenv is needed by ybin to install the bootloader on an hfs partition.

10.94.1. Installation of Powerpc-Utils

This package, originally pmac-utils, has issues with NewWorld Macintoshes. The following patch fixes these issues and generally updates the package:

patch -Np1 -i ../powerpc-utils_1.1.3-fixes-2.patch

Compile the needed programs:

EXTRACFLAGS="${BUILD32}" make nvsetenv nvsetvol

Install the package:

install -v -m755 nvsetenv nvsetvol /usr/sbin
install -v -m644 nvsetenv.8 nvsetvol.8 /usr/share/man/man8

10.94.2. Contents of Powerpc-Utils

Installed programs: nvsetenv, nvsetvol

Short Descriptions


Manipulate variables in the non-volatile RAM.


Adjust the volume of the boot-up chime on Macintoshes.