7.17. Setting Up the Environment

The new instance of the shell that will start when the system is booted is a login shell, which will read the .bash_profile file. Create .bash_profile now:

cat > ${CLFS}/root/.bash_profile << "EOF"
set +h
PS1='\u:\w\$ '
export LC_ALL PATH PS1

The LC_ALL variable controls the localization of certain programs, making their messages follow the conventions of a specified country. Setting LC_ALL to “POSIX” or “C” (the two are equivalent) ensures that everything will work as expected on your temporary system.

By putting /tools/bin and /tools/sbin at the end of the standard PATH, all the programs installed in Constructing a Temporary System are only picked up by the shell if they have not yet been built on the target system. This configuration forces use of the final system binaries as they are built over the temp-system, minimising the chance of final system programs being built against the temp-system.