10.66. Silo-1.4.14

The Silo package contains the Sparc Improved boot LOader.

10.66.1. Installation of Silo

The following patch fixes compile issues:

patch -Np1 -i ../silo-1.4.14-fixes-3.patch

Compile the Silo package:

make CC="gcc ${BUILD64}" LD="ld -m elf64_sparc"

Install the package:

make install

10.66.2. Contents of Silo

Installed programs: silo, silocheck, maketile, and tilo.

Short Descriptions


Silo bootloader installer. This program installs the first stage into the bootblock.


Checks to see whether a file is readable by silo (very handy if you have larger disks).


Is a file that is called by the tilo command to build a TFTP boot image.


Tilo is a tool for building a simple TFTP boot loader which embodies several kernel images for different Sun architectures and a ramdisk root image.